Halftime and postgame interviews with college football stars and coaches are notorious for their lack of information given to the audience, unless it’s Brian Kelly. Now, the nation’s Heisman favorite will have his own platform every Tuesday, with free reign over discussions, stories, and more!

Alabama quarterback Bryce Young is set to host a new podcast, The Bryce Young Podcast. As part of a deal signed with Colin Cowherd and iHeartRadio’s The Volume podcast network, Young will host the show alongside Jake Crain, host of The Volume’s Jboy Show.

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This comes after the NCAA began allowing student-athletes to benefit on their name, image, and likeness in July. On July 20th, Alabama head coach Nick Saban told the media that Young was nearing $1M in endorsement deals. At the time, his only public deal was the company Cash App. 

“There is no brand in college football bigger than Alabama, and there is no position more celebrated than playing quarterback,” Cowherd says, “I just thought, you know what? This is really cool! It’s an opportunity for fans to hear somebody, to get the perspective of the quarterback, the on-field coach of Alabama, the best dynasty of my life. So it just felt kind of natural,” he added.

The podcast is projected to run every Tuesday throughout Alabama’s football season. During the show, Young will give his take on everything going on in the college football world as well as his perspective on Alabama’s season.

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