The off-season is a time for 2018 season predictions from a local and national scale, but the Alabama losing two games and no SEC teams in the College Football Playoffs?

The Crimson Tide has been to every College Football Playoffs since 2014, but one college football analyst believes Alabama will miss the cut for the first time this upcoming season.

Joseph Lisi, college football analyst FNTSY Sports TV and Go for the 2 joined The Game with Ryan Fowler and predicted that Alabama would go 10-2 next season and a SEC team won't make it to the College Football Playoffs.

"I think this is the year the SEC is on the outside looking in," Lisi said. "I think LSU, Mississippi State, or Auburn two of those teams pose the biggest threat, don't count out Louisville. This team with a new quarterback, with no game film, I think it could pose a big problem for that defense in week number one."

He predicted that Michigan, USC, Texas, and Clemson to be in the College Football Playoffs. Last year Lisi predicted Alabama to lose three games last season and the Crimson Tide won their 17th National Championship.

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