Should The University of Alabama follow University of Minnesota, and decrease its relationships with local police departments?

According to ESPN, on Wednesday Joan Gabel, University of Minnesota school president, announced that The University of Minnesota would loosen the ties between both the school and the Minnesota Police Department.

The announcement was made after the murder of 46-year old George Floyd on Monday, May 25th. Floyd was in police custody after forging a check. During the arrest Officer Derek Chauvin pushed his knee into Floyd’s neck causing Floyd to start suffocating. During the struggle, Floyd was pleading for his life by telling the officers and bystanders “I can’t breathe”. While being suffocated three other officers were present and did nothing while Officer Chauvin was kneeling on Floyd’s neck.

On Tuesday, all four of the officers involved in the incident were fired. On Wednesday, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey demanded that the city file criminal charges on the officers involved in the slaying of George Floyd. 

The statement by Gabel states they will “no longer contract Minneapolis Police Department” and also stated that they in turn “will limit collaboration with the MPD to joint patrols”.

Following the events of Monday many people around the country have gathered to protest the injustice that happens everyday towards minorities. The recent actions of The University of Minnesota raises questions if other power five schools should also distance themselves from their local police department, and stop contracting them for big events.

The University of Alabama should show its support of The University of Minnesota and  the protesters calling for change by being the next University to decrease its relationship with both the Tuscaloosa and Northport Police Department. Yes, curtailing the presence of police at big events could make the event more vulnerable to dangerous incidents, but the university could contract private companies to provide security for its events.

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