As Aaron Hernandez was led down the walkway of his million dollar home into a police cruiser we began to remember-this wasn't first time the talented tight end found himself in some sort of trouble.

This same man was supposedly questioned by police in a double shooting his first year on campus at Florida, there were alleged fights and failed drug tests, yet Hernandez played.  While it was never announced he was suspended for a failed drug test, some teammates suspected it may have been the case after he missed a season opener against Hawaii after practicing all week.

“Why didn’t Urban Meyer do anything?” we asked ourselves as we again reviewed the Gators arrest record of the national championship winning coach.

The answer, while some may not want to admit it, is because with each point he put on the scoreboard and as the Gators chomped their way through a SEC schedule it was easy to justify the second chances.

Come this fall as star running back Jeremy Hill slams his way through your favorite team’s defense, picking up chunks of yardage at a time, it too, will be easy to forget.

It will be easy to forget his arrest for a sexual relationship with a 14 year old girl while a senior in high school and easier to forget the sucker punch of all sucker punches in a Baton Rouge bar parking lot after claims he was being heckled all night.

While some might empathize, I find it hard to imagine it was any different than the taunts and screams laid upon him as he traveled through the SEC schedule-the same ones he walks away from on a regular basis.

But I digress.

LSU’s depth chart is thin at running back and for all of his short comings, Hill is a very good running back, a player Les Miles needs for the Tigers to stay competitive.

It wouldn't be the first time Miles turned a blind eye. You have to question just how responsible he was for ignoring the drug habits of one Tyrann Mathieu who was a key cog to LSU’s 13-1 season in 2011. Why step in the way and disrupt one of the best seasons in school history, right?

You can try to blame him for not taking a stance, but if you take a look around, it is hard to blame him.

Gene Chizik dismissed Michael Dyer and a year later, it was Chizik who was dismissed from the Plains of Auburn. Lane Kiffin, for all the criticism he’s taken, has never been afraid to kick a player off the team from his stint in Knoxville to his time in Southern California; now, some question whether he’ll make it to next season.

Meanwhile those coaches who have traditionally been more lenient, willing to let things slide, have usually had plenty of job security because of their on-field success.

Sadly we don’t care if every guy on the team is going to class and made the dean’s list, we care about what bowl our team went to and if they beat our rivals. If grade point averages and off field behavior fall in line with the on-field success, that’s just a plus.

Coaches are just living up to the expectations we put before them. To quote the late Al Davis “Just win baby.”