Monday morning, Mr. Tider Insider Rodney Orr joined Host Gary Harris to react to and discuss COVID-19's effect on the University of Alabama and its athletic programs, including what that means for Alabama football for the time being.

"You think about those athletes," Orr told Host Harris about the Winter and Spring athletes effected by seasons cancelling due to COVID-19. "How they must feel, some of those guys will never get a chance to experience what they had in front of them."

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"I sure hope they get Spring practice in," Orr told Harris. "And not just Alabama obviously, but all of the schools because I think it's very important."

"What else can you do," Orr continued. "The one thing about it is, You know that Nick Saban's got a plan. He's figuring it out, personalized plans for each player, I'm sure there will be regular contact with all of the players."

You can listen to Gary's full conversation with Rodney Orr as the duo react to and discuss COVID-19's effect on the University of Alabama athletics.

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