1 - Bryce Can't Do It All Himself

As much as Bryce Young is ''him.'' Alabama's offense needs to find a balance in particular in the passing game, the receivers have not been bad, but I'd argue they haven't been great either.

With every snap of football now being so precious, who is going to step up on the offensive end to help Bryce, Jahmyr, and Jase out?

If the Tide wants to have a chance to win it all this year, they're going to need one of its wideouts to step up their play and be the true No. 1 this team is missing.

Alabama has the talent, with Kobe Prentice, Traeshon Holden, Jermaine Burton, JoJo Earle, Isaiah Bond. All of these guys have been solid for Bryce to distribute too, but someone needs to step up and be that guy Young can depend on in those 3rds down situations when the going gets tough. You have to think one of these guys is going to pull through.

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2 - Alabama's Defensive Backs must do better vs elite receivers

Every time fans looked up, the Tide DBs were getting beat by Jalin Hyatt, who had over 200 yards on just 6 receptions. Hyatt scored 5 touchdowns on the day, and it seemed like every time he touched the ball, he was marching his way into the endzone.

The Tide has had trouble vs quick receiver's all season, the Texas standout Xavier Worthy, A&M standout Evan Stewart gave them fits as well.

When Alabama doesn't generate the proper pass rush, and gives competent quarterbacks time in the pocket, the defense is getting run up and down the field. Coach Saban preached learning in the post-game conference, the defensive backs need to be in the tape room, learning what they need to do so performances like this don't creep up in our future.

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3 - Alabama Still has a path to Atlanta

While the loss is tough for fans to swallow, the Volunteers have been due for a win like this the past 15 years, and they finally have attained that goal. Under the lights in a packed house, UT came out aggressive and purposeful and didn't let up.

Luckily Alabama's eastern rival does not affect its side of the conference and the Tide still has a chance not only to make the SEC Championship game, but also could have a chance to meet Tennessee in a rematch which many fans are clamoring even thinking about.

However, the road is not easy. Revenge must start vs. Miss State at home on Oct. 220. Then after a rest week, back-to-back roads games in Baton Rouge vs. LSU and Oxford vs. the unbeaten Ole Miss Rebels.

4- Penalties will hurt Alabama in the end

Nick Saban in the post-game conference said, ''You can't have consistency unless you have discipline and execution.'' The little things matter. In a road game like this one where Alabama doesn't defeat the team before the first snap is played, being disciplined is the first step to success.

The Tide was lucky to escape the Texas A&M game without a loss, five turnovers are usually a recipe for failure, but when you are Alabama and have so much talent, you get away with that. In this game, Alabama accumulated over 130 yards loss on 17 penalties. That's not what successful teams do and that's not the identity of this football team.

If Alabama wants to start the road to a 19th national championship, the Tide must play consistent football on the road.

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