It is all about the joys of football season. It is fun, competitive, Hail Mary passes, the weekly suspense, and of course, going to the championship. You can’t forget tailgating, which is a sport within itself.  Then there are the rivalries and the smack talk associated with them. BUT … the best part is the motivation, leadership, and players that rise to the occasion on the field.

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I believe the Alabama Crimson Tide football program is ready for the challenges of this season. The fact that Nick Saban doesn’t like to lose, the Holy Grail of statistics, and my instinct tell me that Alabama is going to the ‘ship.

Here is some sage fortune cookie wisdom from my last dozen Chinese meals. These are perfect for the Alabama Crimson Tide as they are on the road toward #19.

Sage Wisdom for the Alabama Football Team, Told in Fortune Cookies

Save your fortunes! They could help take the Alabama Crimson Tide to the ‘ship. 

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