Clemson University has its own fair share of rich history when it comes their athletics, but football head coach, Dabo Swinney says that the school isn't doing a good job of showing it.

Swinney said on his Monday night radio show that a museum should be built on the Clemson University campus. A museum similar to that of Tuscaloosa's very own Paul W. Bryant museum, a place where fans can go to experience the history of Alabama athletics from its infancy, to the modern day.

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“I bring up Alabama again because it’s been there for a long time, but man, I used to love to go to the Bryant Museum. Because you could go there, and you can go there today, and boom, you want to see the ’92 team, you can push a button and you can hear Coach Stallings, or you can see highlights from players and you can experience and we don’t really have that here," said Swinney.

Coach Swinney hopes that with today's technology, Clemson can have a museum that rivals that of the Paul W. Bryant Museum.

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