Tuscaloosa, Alabama native and former heavyweight champion of the world Deontay Wilder has won a courtroom battle with rival fighter Tyson Fury. Wilder and Fury have a contract to fight for a third time and a judge has now upheld the contract. Wilder and Fury's first fight was a draw and Fury won the second fight in a seventh round TKO.

"An arbitrator has ruled now that there will be, at least, contractually a third fight between Wilder and Tyson Fury before Wilder could allegedly fight anyone else," said TJ Rives on "The Game with Ryan Fowler" today.

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Both fighters signed contracts in their second fight which allowed the loser to evoke a rematch clause, which Wilder did. However the two fighters could not work out an agreeable date due to the COVID-19 pandemic making it seem as if Fury may move onto a different opponent.

Fury and his camp attempted to walk away from the third fight with Wilder and now a judge has sided with Wilder's camp. Wilder's contract guarantee's him a $30 million payday therefore if Fury and his promoters want to line up a fight with Anthony Joshua they would need to compensate Wilder heavily.

"They would have to, theoretically, the promoters over in London, over in England to get him to step-aside would have to pay him $30 million to step-aside, to not fight this fight. I'm here to testify, at the alter of 100.9, Tide 100.9, they ain't paying him $30 million dollars to step-aside and not fight."

The potential Joshua vs. Fury fight would unify the heavyweight championship of the world. Wilder will have his choice of a large payday to fight Tyson Fury or an even bigger payday to not fight.

You can listen to the entire interview from The Game with Ryan Fowler with TJ Rives of Bigfightweekend.com below. When the trilogy fight is announced Tide 100.9 FM will keep you up to date!

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