The playoffs are here as Alabama is set to compete for a chance to advance to their fourth consecutive national championship game Saturday against the Oklahoma Sooners.

In the final days leading up to the Orange Bowl, former Alabama defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson offered his thoughts on the big game on The Gary Harris Show.

Johnson broke down various topics relating to the game including Kyler Murray's ability as a quarterback, Oklahoma's offensive line and the challenge involved in figuring out a game plan against a quarterback like Murray.

Throughout his coaching career, Ellis Johnson has prepared game plans for opposing quarterbacks such as Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Cam Newton and Tim Tebow. According to Alabama's former defensive coordinator, Murray reminds him of one former Texas A&M quarterback.

"I think probably the most comparable would have been Johnny Manziel. Manziel was a little less predictable, a little more maybe jumping out of the scheme or the system and creating things on his own. Kyler seems to me more into the system but then can get out of the system when things break down." Johnson said.

While Murray is a big factor in the game, Johnson provided a word of caution for Alabama's defense against focusing too much on Kyler Murray's ability

"Oklahoma's got a great looking offensive line, and they can get physical. Instead of getting worried about Kyler every play, they really need to make sure Oklahoma doesn't generate a running game, and I think they'll be in a lot better shape." Johnson said.

Overall, the veteran SEC defensive mind thinks that the Tide will be in good shape if they limit mistakes.

"Unless Alabama cuts off some of their own drives with mistakes or penalties or turnovers, unforced errors, I just don't see them being able to get enough possessions with the ball to score enough on Alabama." Johnson said.

Johnson later added his insights on the first playoff game of the day between Clemson and Notre Dame in the Cotton Bowl.

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