ESPN released its preseason football power index rankings on Thursday morning. As guessed, Alabama ranks at No.1. followed by: Ohio State at No. 2, Georgia at No. 3, Clemson at No. 4, and Notre Dame at No. 5. However, there was one big surprise on that list. The Auburn Tigers ranked No. 10.

Ten? Really?

Look, I get it- you picked up the quarterback that beat your No. 1 rival. Congratulations I guess. But that quarterback also finished his season 8-4 and un-ranked, so that pickup isn't the flex the Plains thinks it is.

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The Tigers guaranteed losses in 2022 are: Penn State, Georgia, Ole Miss, Arkansas, Texas A&M and Alabama, which will put them at 6-6. Heck, even if they pull the upset here and there, the best case scenario is finishing the season 8-4. That record wouldn't even get them into an expanded playoffs.

Plus, how on earth would anyone expect a coach to reach top ten levels when he was almost fired in January, boosters down his throat, unsupportive of their football leader, and watching his every move constantly.

Other coaches who ran from the burning barn are: defensive coordinator Derek Mason, defensive line coach Nick Eason, and offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach Austin Davis, who quit a month and a half after being hired. How can a team succeed with such high turnover rate, especially in a small amount of time?

247Sports ranked Auburn's class of 2022 recruits at No. 20 and they expect to beat not only the top three teams from recruiting, but also three more teams who ranked above you? LOL, next joke please.

Not to mention, 18 Tigers entered the transfer portal since December of 2021. 

The only way a team can go from 6-7 and losing in the Birmingham Bowl to a No. 10 team is in its dreams at night.

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