According to numerous reports, ex-Alabama and NFL defensive lineman Wallace Gilberry announced Monday via a press release that he decided to drop his bid to run as a Republican for Alabama's new Second Congressional District.

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Gilberry explained: "I'm not a politician, but my heart has always been in helping Alabama and helping our people better themselves, The response we've received over the last month in this campaign has been humbling and I'm blown away by it. After reflecting over Christmas and New Years, I have come to the decision that this race, at this time, is not the right place for me to help my community, so I will be stepping aside. But I am never going to quit on Alabama. Or on you."

"I will continue to serve our communities and be involved in any and every way I can to fight back against out-of-touch liberal politicians and too many bad policies that are hurting people and making life tougher every day," he said. "I love you all and look forward to seeing you around Alabama very soon and may God bless you all."

Gilberry's campaign was based on being tough on crime, securing the southern U.S. border, lowering the cost of living, protecting the unborn, and defending women's sports, i.e. limiting participation in them to just females.

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