Former Alabama defensive lineman spoke to the media at the 2023 NFL Combine on Wednesday where e talked about the time he was yelled at by head coach Nick Saban.

"I got in trouble one time for doing exactly what my position coach to me to do," said Young. "And he just completely tore into me and I didn't know what to do, I didn't know what to say because that was exactly what my coach had told me to do. And I was just looking at my coach waiting on him to say something, but he was more scared of coach Saban than I was. I just had to bite the bullet on that one."

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When a reporter asked Young if it was worse getting chewed out by his parents or the seven-time national champion, the answer might surprise you.

"That's a tough one, man. At this point right now, I would probably say coach Saban.  I've been chewed out by my parents for 22 years and they aren't as intense when they're doing it as coach Saban. My parents don't curse or anything like that, but coach Saban might give you a barrage of nasty words sometimes."

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