It's always good to hear from a player who had the opportunity to play with Nick Saban during the beginning stages of his career at Alabama.

When you look back on those early times of Saban's career he didn't necessarily walk in the Crimson Tide locker room with a guaranteed national championship, but the players all bought into his vision including the player that wore number 40.

Former Alabama fullback Baron Huber joined The Game with Ryan Fowler to discuss growing up a Tennessee fan and choosing to go with the Crimson Tide, His first impression of Nick Saban when he was hired to Alabama and life after football with Kinematic Sports.

He also shared his thoughts on former Alabama running back Mark Ingram, transition on Alabama's offense from Jim McElwain to Lane Kiffin, Saban making the change at quarterback in the national championship game and overall thoughts on the upcoming season.

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