San Diego Chargers offensive lineman and former Alabama player DJ Fluker reflected on a successful rookie year as a guest on The Game Tuesday night.

Fluker was a first round draft pick in the 2013 NFL Draft. He is one of many former Alabama players to find success in the NFL. He discussed how playing for the Crimson Tide prepared him to play at the next level.

"I believe playing at Alabama, practice wise, is a lot harder than the NFL," Fluker told host Ryan Fowler. "Being under Coach Saban and practicing with him was like playing in an NFL game. I think that prepared me the most being in that type of environment every single day. He (Saban) makes everything organized like in the NFL. He was like right on top of it. Being apart of that made it a lot easier as far as the transition. It helps a lot being coached under that program."

Fluker is not the only Alabama player that plays for the San Diego Chargers. Former Crimson Tide players Le'Ron McClain and Jarret Johnson welcomed Fluker to the team and made him feel at home from day one.

"The first person I met was Le'Ron McClain and he said, 'Welcome to the family.' I was able to talk him and Jarret Johnson. Both of those guys took me under their wing for a little while and showed me the ropes on how they did things here. Talking to those guys made everything a whole lot better because they know what it means to win."

Fluker had one of the best rookie seasons in NFL history. He credits his success to his love of football and growing up in a family that was displaced by Hurricane Katrina. He explains his passion for football and why it is more than just a game.

"I love football. Football is my way of accepting everything that bothers me. Anything I go through the stress or whatever. Football is my way out because it takes all of those guys on the roster to actually win. Everybody is fighting for the W.

"When you have that mindset to just go out there and play hard, everybody buys into being great. That makes you play hard and with that enthusiasm. I love my job. It's not just a paycheck for me its more of me having fun out there by jumping around and running down field trying to get that extra block. I love my teammates. That's the main thing is having that passion for it. It just drives you."



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