Monday morning following Alabama's 38-7 victory over Mississippi State, Host of "Southern Fried Sports" Travis Reier was joined by former NFL head team doctor, Dr. Chao to evaluate Tua Tagovailoa's season-ending injury.

"This is a motor vehicle type of accident," Dr. Chao told Host Reier. "This often happens when you get in a head-on collision and your knees hit the dashboard and drives your hip out of the back. There's that much force."

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"In Tua's case," Dr. Chao continued. "Not only was there one linebacker, looked like there were two guys on him, and his knee was caught up flexed. With all of that extra force, much like a car accident, drives the femoral head out of the back of the hip socket."

Dr. Chao has spent 17 plus years Practicing orthopedic surgery, and provided his thoughts on Tagovailoa's injury prior to the successful surgery on Tagovailoa's hip by Dr. Lyle Cain in Houston, Texas.

You can listen to Reier's full conversation with Dr. Chao in the video above.

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