The biggest conversation during the 2018 SEC Media Days is the quarterback competition between Tua Tagovailoa and Jalen Hurts and also how Nick Saban will manage the two.

Ben Troupe played for the Florida Gators during the Steve Spurrier and Ron Zook days and finished his career with 958 receptions on 64 receptions with seven touchdowns. He also helped the Gators win an SEC Championship in 2000 by defeating the Auburn Tigers and was a All-SEC and All-American player in his final year in Gainesville.

in 2004 he was drafted to the Tennessee Titans in the second round and would finish his professional career with 1,056 yards and seven touchdowns.

Troupe, who now works for and also does radio in Georgia, joined The Game with Ryan Fowler live from SEC Media Days to breakdown Nick Saban's success at Alabama and Alabama's quarterback competition from a receiving perspective.

"The thing about Tua is he's too young to understand the situation, he's too young to understand what pressure is," Troupe said. "This guy throw a pass play on a run play and then at 18 years old went to the sideline and told Nick Saban 'I got this' like you put me in this game to win this thing. I think Tua is the total opposite from Jalen."

Troupe compliments Tagovailoa on his ability to throw the football down field and believe it will be a nightmare for opposing defenses for years to come.

"It's Freddy Kroger that can throw the football, they are giving people nightmares," Troupe said.

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