Alabama took care of Kent State as expected by a score of 48-0, and although the Bama game was an uninteresting blowout, there was still plenty to discuss from the game, and even more news to discuss that didn't concern Alabama this past weekend.

Each Monday, former Tide defensive back Will Lowery joins Ryan Fowler to break down the Alabama game just a couple days before. There wasn't much to really break down or criticize in the Crimson Tide's beat down of the Golden Flashes, but one player has impressed Lowery not just in this game, but over the course of the season: freshman running back Joshua Jacobs.

"I think [Jacobs] is a really well-rounded back: he steps up into the hole, he can [pass] block, he can run the ball, he can catch it, he can do it all... He kind of reminds me of Trent [Richardson] the way he moves on the field: tough, low to the ground, runs hard. It's definitely a great thing for us to have a guy that young starting to develop so quickly in the year."

The big story in college football this past weekend was the termination of longtime LSU head coach Les Miles, being let go immediately following a disappointing loss to the Auburn Tigers by a score of 18-13. Miles has been a national treasure when in front of a camera or behind a microphone, but his inability to knock off Alabama head coach Nick Saban from his perch atop the Southeastern Conference has proven to be his downfall.

"I can't say that I'm surprised (that Miles was fired)... They had some highly recruited quarterbacks come in, guys with some ability... It just never really happened for them. They kind of got stuck, they were in a stalemate on offense, they weren't able to stretch, and ultimately it was their downfall."

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