The University of Alabama Compensation Committee has approved the contract for first-year men's basketball coach Avery Johnson, which will pay him an annual salary of $2.8 million. 

Johnson, 50, will make $1 million more per season than his predecessor, Anthony Grant, who was dismissed after making the NCAA Tournament only once in six seasons. The Crimson Tide hopes Johnson will rejuvenate a program that hasn't won an NCAA Tournament game since a first round win over Marquette in 2006.

The full details of the new contract were revealed on Tuesday, and there are a few differences between this contract and the first contract given to Grant.

First, here's a breakdown of the annual salary:

Base salary: $265,000

Talent Fee: $2,535,000

As previously mentioned, Johnson's $2.8 million salary total a full million dollars more per season for the duration of the six-year contract.

Here are the bonuses and incentives included in the deal:


(i) $50,000 for winning SEC regular season championship; $50,000 for winning SEC Tournament; $10,000 for appearance in SEC Championship game;

(ii) $50,000 for appearance in NCAA Tournament (first 2 contract years), $25,000 thereafter; $25,000 for each NCAA Tournament win to Final Four; $50,000 for each win in Final Four;

(iii) $25,000 for SEC COY; $50,000 for NCAA COY. Academic bonus to $25,000 for 85% graduation rate and being above NCAA APR cut score.

As you'll see in this copy of Grant's first contract, there are some noticeable differences - positive and negative. Let's list them out.

  • With the elimination of divisions, there is no longer a $25,000 SEC West Championship bonus.
  • The SEC Regular Season Championship bonus has doubled from $25,000 in 2009 to $50,000 today.
  • Johnson's contract now includes a $50,000 bonus for winning the SEC Tournament championship.
  • With a premium now on making the NCAA Tournament, Johnson can earn a $50,000 bonus for making the tourney in his first two years. It reverts back to $25,000 for each season after the first two, which is identical to Grant.
  • While Johnson will benefit from getting guaranteed money for each NCAA Tournament win, Grant had a richer incentive structure for going deeper in the postseason. We created this graphic to make it easier to follow. Keep in mind that a coach would only receive the incentive amount based on his final tournament win, not a total of each incentive in the graphic.
Alabama Basketball Incentives
Graphic created by Ben George

As you can see, Grant's contract was loaded with more richer incentives, but Johnson will be receiving more money per year and can bigger bonuses early. The former NBA Coach of the Year arrives at Alabama with no college coaching experience.

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