Alabama basketball coach Nate Oats jumped in The Game with Ryan Fowler Friday afternoon, calling directly from the NCAA March Madness bubble in Indianapolis.

Fowler and Oats talked about all things ranging from the hype around Alabama’s historic season to where Oats’ “blue collar” mentality comes from. 

In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights: 

Coach Oats on if the team’s personality embodies his personality:

  “I’m real competitive, I think our guys have shown they’re real competitive...I speak my mind a little bit, they have some confidence about them and I’m pretty confident in our team... They’ve all got their own individual characteristics, individual things you like about them too. (John) Petty and Herb (Jones) are different guys but they get along great and they lead the team, so yeah I think you can see it a little bit.”

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Coach Oats' response on where his work ethic comes from and how it reflects in his coaching style:

“I grew up in Wisconsin and every day in the summer, me and my brother would wake up to a list of chores...we heated our house with wood. I remember in the fall we’d get up and cut wood and make sure we had enough wood for the winter...


I bought my own clothes when I was basically  in junior high... I established a work ethic and some discipline growing up. I’m not big on premadonnas if you will, spoiled rotten type guys. We want our guys to show some humility, work hard, be blue collar.” 

Coach Oats when asked how he and his team deal with the national hype and attention surrounding the program:

“...When we played Iona, nobody in the program including myself was used to being a two-seed expected to win, I think we had some first game jitters.. We are kinda in uncharted territory to be honest with you...I think they are getting more used to it...


That blue collar mentality, show up and work mindset has gotten us through games and stretches where our offense wasn’t here we are two games away from the final four, one game away from the elite eight which is the farthest we’ve ever gone…”


Fowler and Oats talked about several other fascinating topics including how the team is using the week to prepare for UCLA, the “Big Mike” Steak Challenge, and Herb Jones’ motivation after yesterday’s tornadoes passed through his hometown of Greensboro.

To listen to the full interview on the Tide 100.9 SoundCloud page, click the link below. 


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