Anyone that follows college football can tell you how much Alabama football has risen since Nick Saban arrived in Tuscaloosa, but a lot of outsiders can't see the impact he's had in the community. 

Not only has his charity Nick's Kids provided so much to the area, but his success in football facilitates growth in so many other areas. Tuscaloosa today versus 2000 is night and day. Pick an area - restaurants, entertainment, housing, shopping, enrollment - and you'll be shocked at how much things have changed over those 17 years.

While it takes much more than one person to build a city, there's no driving force stronger than Nick Saban and his dominance on the gridiron.

To put it into perspective, Travis Reier caught up with West Alabama Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Jim Page to discuss these 'Sabanomics' on Southern Fried Sports. Page's can provide a perspective that few can match when it comes to Saban's economic impact in Tuscaloosa.

Listen to the full conversation in the video above to get more insight on the growth around West Alabama.

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