Click the video above to hear Wimp and Barry Sanderson's conversation with former Tide player Dr. Gaylon McCollough!

Dr. McCollough played center for the University of Alabama in the mid 60s, and later in life became a friend and medical advisor to his old coach, Bear Bryant.

He played center with Joe Namath as quarterback, was named an All-American in college,  and was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. McCollough then went on to get his M.D., become a plastic surgeon, write many books, and get involved in politics.

After reconnecting with Coach Bryant, the two became friends. Bryant sought McCollough's advice for many health issues, and the former player became somewhat of a medical assistant to his former coach.

When explaining their relationship, McCollough said, "... we got to know each other pretty well, and he had a lot of medical issues. He would confide in me, he'd ask about his medical situations, and I'd say 'Coach, I don't really know about all those things, but I can get you in to see the right person.' And so I became, I guess, his liaison in some respect, and I would get him in to see the right doctor after hours, and we tried to keep his illnesses out of the press. He was a very ill man, his last couple years, and probably should not have coached football the last couple years that he did."

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