Tider Insider's Rodney Orr joined The Gary Harris Show to discuss the news concerning the voluntary return of college athletes to campus on June 8 and the latest in Alabama recruiting.

"I certainly don't think anyone would be put at risk, Gary, in any of these decisions," Orr said concerning the on-campus return of athletes. "I really think this is something that is a positive decision and something they feel comfortable doing at this point, obviously."

Orr continued to break down why it was important to bring the athletes back now and how programs could look to handle the offseason now that players will be back.

"You would certainly hope maybe at some point they give them a number of practices or opportunities to prepare as a team," Orr said. "Maybe a mini camp, whatever you want to call it."

As always, Orr provided the latest updates on Crimson Tide recruiting including the latest with four-star offensive guard Jaeden Roberts from Texas and whether he could flip from Auburn, the impending commitment of four-star Prattville linebacker Ian Jackson, and why we could see more commitment flips than ever once recruiting is completely opened back up to normal.

"Yeah, I could really see that," Orr said. "I think what we've seen here is, and we've talked about this, the programs that especially used the Spring evaluation period, the camps in June, those opportunities to see guys up close... You didn't have that."

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