The NCAA’s new Name, Image, Likeness Policy, also known as NIL, went into effect on Thursday. This means that NCAA athletes can accept sponsorships and endorsements from companies to earn a profit. Here’s a list of some UA Athletes their audience on different platforms, and how they can earn big with their current followings. 

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  • All Around: Montana Fouts can add another record to her historic year: biggest social media following for an UA Athlete on all three major platforms(Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok). She has 26K on Twitter, 112k on Instagram, and 129.5K on TikTok. After being named NFCA Pitcher of the Year, SEC Co-Pitcher of the Year, and the career season she played, plus has at least one more up her sleeve, and with the game of softball growing at a rapid rate, Fouts could make an even bigger impact than already shown.
  • Instagram: Football is always a number one priority in the South, and all eyes, if not already, will soon be on QB Bryce Young. Although just an upcoming sophomore, he already has a major social media following, especially on Instagram, racking up almost 83K followers since not only starting the account in March, but also only having three posts on there. According to a 2017 study by Business Insider, the NCAA makes an estimated $32M from an average Division 1 football school. With that type of viewership and fandoms, the new policy will be a big boost for college football players. 


  • Twitter: New UA Football LB Henry To’o To’o started making waves two seasons ago on the Tennessee Volunteers defense, which grew bigger when it was announced he was entering the transfer portal in March of this year. His size and athleticism made him quickly become one of the best defensive players at UT, and had major potential which won’t stop at UA. The growth that he continues to show as an athlete and while building a brand around him will help his future endorsements. Plus, his 17.2K Twitter following is already a good place to start. 


  • TikTok: Alabama softball’s season was one for the history books; and unfortunately, that history includes many seniors and graduate students; however, one senior decided to stay. Kaylee Tow is entering her fifth year at UA, announcing last month that she would use her extra eligibility year to join Team 26. She has already gained a decent following, 10.3K on Instagram, 4.6K on Twitter and 4.5K on TikTok. With her current following, she can not only help her brand and herself but also continue to grow the sport and Alabama with them as well. 

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