We're inching closer and closer to Alabama football for the 2023 season.

The Alabama Crimson Tide will hit the field in a little over 70 days to begin the 2023 season against Middle Tennessee State on Sept. 2.

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It's looking like there is a possibility that an Alabama Crimson Tide Defensive player may not be on the team this season.

As previously reported by Tide 100.9, Alabama defensive lineman Jamil Burroughs is reportedly facing disciplinary action from the team. There now seems to be more context as to what happened that led to this possible removal from the football program.

According to Roll Bama Roll, Alabama, defensive lineman Jamil Burroughs became physical with a member of the coaching staff.

Roll Bama Roll reports that Burroughs was involved in a situation where police were called to an Alabama dorm and things became physical.

"Burroughs reportedly struck assistant strength coach and former Alabama defensive lineman Josh Chapman after an argument surrounding the use of gel pellet guns," Roll Bama Roll reported.

Roll Bama Roll also said that "Burroughs and other Crimson Tide players were play-fighting with the toy weapons at Bryant Hall when police were called to the scene — as well as Chapman. The other players involved were cooperative — Burroughs apparently was not, striking Chapman in the process."

Burroughs is a former three-star recruit from the class of 2020.

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