Former Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions joined The Game with Ryan Fowler to discuss his policies, his time in Washington and the upcoming runoff with opponent Tommy Tuberville. Make sure you listen to the entire interview on Soundcloud or the Tide 100.9 Youtube Page.

Sessions mentioned that campaigning for his upcoming Republican nomination runoff has been challenging due to the coronavirus because of the policies that are in place throughout the state and nation.

"It is difficult actually, it's kind of frustrating, because groups that normally would invite you to speak, the civic clubs or other groups are not meeting," said Sessions.

He told Fowler that he has mostly been making talk show appearances in order to reach the Alabama voters, he estimated he has done over 200 talk show appearances in order to run his campaign during the pandemic.

Sessions believes he is the man to help the state of Alabama at the Senate level.

"I honestly believe this country is in a crisis, we're threatened. Our future is uneven, we've got a major party, the Democratic party going off the rails and being almost dictated to by radical elements that don't understand or respect even the foundation of this country. They say that the Fourth of July is a racist act these kinds of things are very dangerous," said Sessions.

He pointed out that he became the first one to break ranks from the establishment Republicans and support President Trump while he was seeking election because he saw the dangers of the establishment.

Sessions acknowledges that President Trump is currently unhappy with him due to the fact that he recused himself as Attorney General but offered an explanation.

"I did what the law required me to do, as God gave me the ability to follow it and I think it was clear, but I do believe in that agenda. That we would fix this healthcare bill, we've got an opportunity to fix it. We've got to protect American manufacturing against unfair trade and competition. We've got to stand up to China and we've got to end the illegality at our boarders," said Sessions.

He pointed out that he was a leader in issues concerning trade and immigration prior to his dismissal as Attorney General.

Sessions called Tuberville to come out from hiding, open up and defend his values. He proceeded to highlight several scandals that Tuberville has in his history and asked him to debate on the issues.

Sessions complimented the drive of President Trump and how much he has accomplished over the course of his time in office. He said the president needs to get more focused and get more on message in order to make headway in the upcoming presidential election and defeat Joe Biden.

Make sure you listen to the entire interview on Soundcloud and Youtube prior to voting in the runoff this weekend. You can listen to The Game each weekday from 2-6 p.m. on Tide 100.9 FM or stream it live on the Tide1009app.

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