Former Alabama and Cincinnati Bengals defensive lineman and current Tuscaloosa Academy Head Football Coach John Copeland joined Inside The Locker Room this morning to talk to Wimp and Barry Sanderson about the challenges he's facing, coaching during the COVID-19 pandemic, the NCAA's name image and likeness developments and much more. You can hear the entire interview on Soundcloud or on the Tide 100.9 Youtube page.


Coach Copeland spoke about how difficult it has been keeping up with his high school players at the moment because he can't monitor them. Copeland has sent his players workout regimens but said its difficult to know how seriously his players are taking the exercising. He spoke about how important the spring and summer are to a football team in preparing to compete for the upcoming season.

The former fifth overall draft pick spoke about how difficult it is to hire a quality agent heading into professional football. He discussed how seedy the business is and how many agents do not always have their clients best interests in mind.

Copeland talked about the NCAA's movement on player name, image and likeness and called the decision, "the stupidest thing I've ever heard."

Copeland spoke about playing for Gene Stallings and how much respect the players had for him as a coach and as a leader. He said he thought the 1992 team had a chance at a championship in the summer and it manifested itself throughout the season as the team got better and better in practice.

Check out the full interview on Soundcloud and Youtube. Listen to Inside The Locker Room each weekday from 7-9 a.m. on Tide 100.9 or stream it anywhere on the free TIDE1009APP.

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