Patrick Surtain II, former Crimson Tide cornerback and ninth overall pick to the Denver Broncos in 2021, has officially been unveiled in his new threads alongside other former Crimson Tide star, Jerry Jeudy.

In a tweet shared Tuesday, the Denver Broncos introduced the new duo to the football world, exciting, not only Broncos fans, but Alabama fans everywhere.

Surtain can be seen wearing his, now iconic, PS2 chain, featuring a diamond-encrusted PlayStation 2 controller, which is meant to represent his nickname, "PS2".

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While the duo of Surtain and Jeudy may not be one that sees time on the field together, both were at the top of their position groups in their drafts and will absolutely make one another better in practice. Early reports from minicamp and OTAs indicate Surtain is already fitting in right at home on his new team.

Von Miller, Broncos star linebacker, praised Surtain's ability, saying, "This guy (Surtain) is the real deal," Miller said, "He's a specimen."

Jeudy, coming off of a rough rookie season, exacerbated by even worse quarterback play, is looking to solidify himself as a top young receiver in the league. Surtain, an unproven rookie with tremendous upside, is on a mission to live up to the hype surrounding him.

Although the quarterback situation in Denver is still questionable to say the least, the defense is shaping up to be one the best in the league and Surtain could be a major part of that. The Broncos secondary was one of the top in the NFL last year, and adding Surtain, who could likely start week one, will only improve that.

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Both former Crimson Tide stars are going into this season with a lot to prove, with both having incredible hype surrounding their entrance into the league after their dominance at Alabama. For Jeudy, if Drew Lock can make a major leap and become the quarterback the Broncos thought he was, he could easily be one of the top at his position. For Surtain, he has already shown in college that he has the ability to be one of the best and now just needs to translate it to the next level.

The Denver Broncos kick off their 2021 season on August 14 against the Minnesota Vikings and expect to see both Jeudy and Surtain in action.

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