All the breakdown fro Alabama's season opener against Louisville has been from the Crimson Tide perspective. From Alabama quarterback competition to the defensive secondary and injuries against the linebackers everything around the game has surrounded the Crimson Tide.

But how is the Cardinals down in Louisville preparing for the Crimson Tide? With a new quarterback under center how will the Cardinals perform against the Crimson Tide this weekend?

Mark Ennis, host of The Drive on 93.9 TheVille, joined The Game with Ryan Fowler to breaks down Alabama/Louisville, strength and weaknesses on the Cardinals team, how does the Cardinals make the transition from Lamar Jackson to Jawon Pass, and Louisville wide receivers against Alabama's secondary.

For more of Mark Ennis breakdown of Louisville/Alabama from a Louisville perspective, make sure you watch the video above the article. Don't miss The Game with Ryan Fowler, weekday afternoons from 2-6 p.m. for the latest surrounding the Alabama Crimson Tide.

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