Marshawn Lynch is a football player, a fan favorite and...a movie star?

The truculent Seahawks running back appears in a promo for what appears to be a movie based on his life called Family First.

The promo, which is somewhat NSFW, is about as confusing as the decision to throw on the 1-yard line in the Super Bowl.

According to the YouTube description:

There is no release date. This is only a Promotion to spark Interest in this Bio Picture. Production was June,July 2014, This Is not a Trailer."

So, it's a promo for a movie no one will see. Based on this video, it might be better that way because you can eat a few dozen bags of Skittles with Beast Mode and still have no clue what you're watching.

This looks so bad that we can't help but wonder if Lynch only showed up to the set so he didn't get fined.

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