Former Alabama wide receiver, Julio Jones, was recently traded to the Tennessee Titans, ending a ten-year stint with the Atlanta Falcons. After making the move for Jones, a product of Nick Saban's coaching, Titans head coach Mike Vrabel talked to the media about the move and his own relationship with Saban.

In a press conference on Thursday, saying, "I can always really appreciate players that have come from places like Alabama where there's so much consistency," Vrabel continued, "Listening to Nick Saban talk about 'This is how we do things' and it doesn't change...We've had some great conversations and we're excited to have Julio here."

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The Titans feature two other former Crimson Tide stars at starters in Derrick Henry and Rashaan Evans, both of which Vrabel mentioned specifically when talking further about Alabama's process, saying, "It's been really refreshing. I really feel a lot when I have conversations with Julio, Rashaan and Derrick about how they were coached in college."

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Jones spoke to the media as well Thursday following his first practice in two-tone blue, and had high praise for his new team, saying, "Being here at the Titans, I love it. I'm very excited to be a part of this organization. Just the team comradery, the whole atmosphere and everything here feels like when I was in college. It's amazing."

The move for Jones instantly skyrocketed the Titans into Super Bowl conversations by adding one of the league's top receivers to one of the league's top offenses. Although on the back end of his career, Jones looks as healthy as ever and appears ready for a huge season. The Titans season kicks off on Aug. 13 with a preseason game In Atlanta against the Falcons.

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