Bama football nation has been in a collective tizzy over the quarterback to center exchange when the Crimson Tide is in the shotgun. Many snaps in 2023 have been botched, some going awry due to a hand injury to center Seth McLaughlin but one in Starkville Saturday night due to quarterback Jalen Milroe not looking for the ball when it came saiing to him. In a recent media briefing, Milroe discussed that situation and more as No. 11 Alabama prepares for a big road test at Texas A&M.

On his growth since starting last year against the Aggies

"I think experience is the best teacher, for sure. I've definitely learned a lot of football with more game experience. Also, just being around Coach Saban and Coach [Tommy] Rees, I've just learned a lot of football.

"I'm steadily growing. I'm not a finished product at all. I'm steadily learning... to this day... as much as possible."

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About heading back to his home state and Texas food recommendations

"I will say Texas is a great place. That's where I was raised. Love Texas. I will have a lot of family there.

"It's going to be a great game; great atmosphere.

"We have a challenge this week. Big opponent. They have a great defense. We're excited and we have to prepare as much as possible.

"There's a lot of food options in Texas. Anybody that stops to eat in Texas will get a lot of good food. [Milroe later recommended the brisket sandwich at Buc'ee's.]

On working with McLaughlin to clean up the snap situation

"I take full ownership on that. I should be more vocal and louder to allow the snaps to be on point.

"Going to Mississippi State is a loud environment. It took me being more vocal at some points in the game. That's definitely something me and Seth are going to get together about. We want to build and grow from it."

On overcoming the noise at College Station

"It's definitely going to be loud. It's going to take preparation througout the week from us, for sure. We'll come ready; by Saturday we'll have a plan to attack that."

On moving in the pocket to throw instead of run

"What's key to all that is trust. Trust in the offensive line. Trust in the game plan. It also comes from preparation. That's very key to playing the game and the [quarterback] position. "

On if he got tired at the end of his 53-yard TD run

"I ain't going to lie. That [tackler] was coming. He finished. I didn't."

On seeing the field more on intermediate passes

"It comes from preparation. Meeting with Coach Rees and absorbing from Coach Saban, as well. That's why we practice. It's key

"When I was not in the game... it was key to absorb the information I was getting.

"My intent in playing quarterback is to be a point guard and do whatever the task at hand provides, whether it's running or passing. There's a lot of elements that factor in the success of a drive and moving the football.

"I believe in turning a weakness into a strength."

On the progress of tight end Amari Niblack

"Amari has great talent. He's a tight end, but he has wide receiver makeup. He's a big element to our offense as far as he runs the routes.  He's  big target. He plays hard. What people miss is how hard he works during the week."

On the wide receiver room's progress

"The number one thing I see from that room is they gel together. That room does have a family environment. Those guys are pushing each other every day. They're supportive of each other. A great camaraderie in the room.

"Also, they work hard during the week. All those guys are a key element for our offense. They play very hard, fast, explosive. They're going to make big plays for us this year. I'm excited for what's ahead in the future."

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