Yes, I'm aware the headline may be a bit jarring for any fans of the acclaimed halftime performer known all across the country as Red Panda, but just hear me out and reserve your judgement for the end.

While you likely missed it, and I honestly can't blame you if you did, the Oakland A's took on the Boston Red Sox this past weekend in a typical boring regular season matchup. That may not be very notable news in and of itself, but what happened just before the game started was absolutely electric.

Take a listen for yourself.

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You saw and read that correctly.

That is performer Caroline McCaskey, and she should be Coleman Coliseum's next halftime show.

Let me preface by saying, I do not wish to replace Red Panda, but rather give one of the hardest working women in sports a much needed break during the college hoops season.

Red Panda, who's real name is Rong Niu, has traveled all across the country for the better part of the last 30 years, performing at various halftime shows and stunning audiences along the way. While I am a massive fan of her performances myself, I would not mind to see some more variation among the Coleman Coliseum halftime performers.

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McCaskey who plays multiple bowed string instruments, including the violin and cello, began learning how to play the "singing saw" at the age of 13. A classically trained musician as well, McCaskey mixed both worlds together to create a performance like no other and has been touring the country for years.

The sounds that emanated from the unique instrument were nothing short of incredible. The fact that nothing more than a simple hand saw can produce something that sounds like a Depeche Mode fever dream is mind-boggling and I am downright begging Alabama athletic director Greg Byrne to allow me to hear it in person.

So, take this as my open letter to Byrne requesting that Carolina McCaskey, saw extraordinaire, be on the short list of Coleman Coliseum performers this season.

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