Monday morning, Mr. Tider Insider Rodney Orr joined Host Gary Harris to react to and discuss Alabama replacing strength and conditioning coach Scott Cochran with David Ballou and Dr. Matt Rhea from Indiana University.

"I'm really looking forward to the speed aspect of it," Orr told Host Harris about the dual effort from Dr. Rhea and Ballou. "With the success that he (Dr. Rhea) has had with players improving their speed, not only are you enhancing the current players you have. It also brings something to the recruiting."

"You talk about being an innovator," Orr continued. "You'll see now all these different schools that are going to start following suit."

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"Alabama is looking forward to their strength and conditioning program," Orr told Harris. "This new sports science center that they are about to complete, I think when you start looking forward to that it probably was time for a change to a different direction."

You can listen to Gary's full conversation with Rodney Orr as the duo discuss Alabama replacing strength and conditioning coach Scott Cochran with a team effort from David Ballou and Dr. Rhea.

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