Alabama running back Najee Harris has been training relentlessly this offseason. Anyone who is following him on social media knows this. This past week he released episode three of "The Campaign" detailing Harris putting work in with Brad Lester, one of his physical trainers located in Atlanta, Georgia.

In his recent YouTube video, you can see Najee Harris doing a series of workouts with Brad, and they don't look easy at all. You can watch Najee Harris as he flips a monster truck tire about 50 yards down the field! Aside from that, he seems to be focused on muscle building and balance.

His trainer, Brad Lester, thinks very highly of Harris and his work ethic off the field. In the video he says, "If you take a look at his work ethic, you can easily see exactly where he is trying to go. Not a lot of players are like him in college football when it comes to workin'." Even though Lester is an Auburn alum, he truly thinks that the Alabama running back has a big chance of winning the Heisman this year.

Harris also shows us how intense his post-workout recovery is. After his workout, he goes to a cryotherapy center located in Atlanta.

If you watch the video you can see just how intense it is... The temperature drops below -250 degrees! Lester says, "After seeing the way he recovers, I can tell how much he wants it."

There is no doubt that Najee Harris is in the discussion when it comes to winning the Heisman Trophy. There are plenty of people excited to see how this veteran running back performs during his final year of college football.

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