Tua Tagovailoa has run afoul of the law! At least that's what a popular Twitter troll wants you to think. The popular Twitter troll @SportsTalkBarry, currently using @SuperToughScene, was back at it on Saturday making up lies and telling jokes about sports. His latest hoax involves the popular Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

@SuperToughScene, posing as the credible NFL reporter Ian Rapoport, tweeted that Nashville Police Department had issued an arrest warrant for Tagovailoa. The reason for the quarterback's "arrest warrant" : violating social distancing.


@Supertoughscene used his influence and impersonation skills to create a fake statement from the Nashville PD painting Tagovailoa as a fugitive of the law and claimed he would be facing a 15-20-year prison sentence.


The popular Twitter troll went so far with his hoax that he even created a fake statement from the Tagovailoa family. The internet troll's statement was defiant towards the Nashville Police Department, blamed racism and President Trump for the "predicament" the family "found" themselves in.


The internet troll made up this fake story because he stays popular by making up stories and getting people to believe they are true. He often tweets about those who have fallen for his stories, calling them "victims".

Just to be clear, the popular Alabama quarterback did not have a warrant issued for his arrest and the tweets were just a hoax. @SuperToughScene has had several other false stories over the last week.

The Tagovailoa arrest story could negatively affect his draft stock if it were true. Which is likely why the internet troll chose the quarterback as the subject of his ploy.

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