Alabama's first scrimmage of the fall didn't reveal a whole lot for anyone outside of Bryant-Denny Stadium on Saturday. The team didn't release any stats, which left everyone guessing about the production in the passing and running games.

But head coach Nick Saban spent a little time after practicing to talk with the media about what he saw after 10 straight days of fall camp.

"If I was going to give an overall assessment,” Saban said. “I’d say the first teams executed fairly well and I think after that, we’ve got a lot of guys that really need to work hard on having a better feeling about the expectation of the kind of effort, the kind of toughness, the kind of responsibility you have to have to actually know how to do your job on a consistent basis and do it enough that you have confidence in what you’re supposed to do, how you’re supposed to do it the way it needs to get done so you have the best chance to be successful so we’re a work in progress when it comes to that.”

At quarterback, Saban made it clear that the battle is down to Cooper Bateman, Blake Barnett, and Jalen Hurts after David Cornwell has been slowed by injuries.

"The other three guys all had an equal opportunity with each group, actually, so I think it sort of gives us a good idea of who might be most ready to manage the team. But I think that decision is far from being made."

There will be two more weeks of fall camp to evaluate everyone before the regular season begins, but Saban knows where the attention needs to be each day.

"What we need to do is get the good players playing really, really well. We need to get the young players and backup players to play with a lot more consistency so they can develop a role on this team so that we have more guys that can go in there and contribute to play winning football."