Alabama football head coach Nick Saban met with the media on Monday to recap the Texas game and preview the upcoming ULM matchup.

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In this press conference, Saban addressed the penalty issues that his team faced last week and how this would be dealt with.

“Discipline to execute, play smart, make good choices and decisions,” said Saban. “That’s what we’ll do.”

The Tide even have officials at practice to curb penalty issues.

“We have officials out there every day. Every player is confronted with, you made these penalties, whether it was offsides, pass interference, [or] illegal motion on offense,” said Saban. “Those things are always emphasized so it’s not like this is sort of a resurrection of wow, we need to start doing something about this.”

With all of this set in place, it is still up to the players to make smart decisions in the game.

“Players need to make choices to have the discipline in the game that it doesn’t do any good to try to create an advantage for yourself, because you’re not above the law,” said Saban. “That’s the discipline that I’ve been talking about since I’ve been standing up here,  [that] is exactly what I’m talking about.”

Alabama picked up 15 penalties for a total of 100 yards against Texas. The Tide looks to clean this up in the upcoming matchup against ULM on Saturday.

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