Alabama head football coach Nick Saban appeared on Hey Coach on Thursday night to preview the upcoming matchup with Ole Miss.

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During the show, a fan asked Saban why he has been so calm on the sidelines this year and the head coach gave an interesting response.

"Usually, one of my first prayers in church on Sunday is to pray that I don't get mad because a lot of times when I get mad, I do things that I wish I wouldn't have done. I say things that I wish I wouldn't have said and I don't make really good decisions and choices," said Saban. "This has been a life long sort of goal to not get too emotional [and] not get too upset."

Saban noted that his actions depend on the type of team he has.

"I think that sometimes it's the kind of team you have," said Saban. "Some guys really need you to get on them, some guys get really upset maybe and don't respond very well when you get on them, it bothers them a lot, makes them think that they're not pleasing you, so I think that the personality of the players. I get on some players, other players I don't. I do it in practice maybe a little bit more."

Saban also says that players respond better to teaching rather than yelling.

"I found that players respond better to teaching and showing them what they did wrong than they do actually just yelling and screaming," said Saban. "One of the things that I've found most impactful with players is when they do something wrong actually just take them in a room by themselves and show them the film... I think young people are pretty self-absorbed they kinda [think] how does things affect me and I think you gotta kind of change your teaching to show them how things affect them."

Saban ended his response with a statement that made the whole room erupt in laughter.

"If you think me acting up on the sideline and breaking headsets is gonna help us play better than I'll sure as hell do it."

The Alabama Crimson Tide faces off against the Ole Miss Rebels on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. CST. Game day coverage will be available all day on Tide 100.9 and 95.3 The Bear.

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