Nick Saban appeared on the Thursday night edition of the Hey Coach show on the Crimson Tide Sports Network, with a very special message for fans.

“I’m going to ask the fans the same thing that I asked the players… why are we here? Why are we here? I mean we’re here to dominate in the SEC, play SEC games, have positive performances when we play SEC games and we’ve had three games now that lead up to prepare ourselves to do that,” said Saban.

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The head coach mentioned that in order to have those positive performances, fans should be contributing as well.

“We got to create an atmosphere, an environment when we’re playing at home that creates a disadvantage for the other team,” said Saban. “That means when they have the ball and they’re doing their signals and they’re trying to get the snap count and all that kind of stuff, we got to make them go on silent, so it’s a huge advantage for the defense when you can do that. So I’m hopeful that we’ll have a great crowd, it’s a night game.”

Saban also noted that the team is more than just the players on the field.

“We need the support of the crowd; you are part of the team. All the people who support the team are a part of the team and I know our players will appreciate it, but we need it,” said Saban. “It helps every part of the program. I don’t care if it’s recruits being here, I don’t care who it is, when there is a great atmosphere in that stadium that’s a positive for everybody in the house.”

Alabama fans will have that chance on four occasions, as the Tide hosts four SEC opponents in Vanderbilt, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, and Auburn.

Kickoff for Alabama and Vanderbilt is set 6:30 p.m. CST on the SEC Network. Radio Coverage will be available on Tide 100.9 or the Tide 100.9 app.

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