Nick Saban joined Mike Ferrel from Rivals to talk about the highest rated recruiting class ever. In the interview coach Saban was asked about when he may retire. This has been something everyone has been wondering for a while now. Coach Saban's response had many pleasantly surprised.

When asked about the question everyone is wondering, Saban stated "No time soon. I don't have a time frame. Look, I love what i'm doing, I love to be in a position of leadership, and I love to impact young people in a positive way."

Coach Saban continues to have success on the recruiting side of things. The best recruiting class was just signed, and now you would think coach Saban would like to stay around to develop them. The answer given to Mike Ferrels question about retirement backs that up. You can tell he wants to stick around a little longer.

Some might wonder with all of his success, how does he keep that edge to keep winning? He now sets himself up with historic talent, and he is driven to get to work with these young players to win another championship.

"If I thought I wasn't contributing to the program in a positive way, then I would consider not doing it." This sounds like a coach who is far from finished. However it also sounds like a coach who is self aware, and he will be able to see when his time is up.

Unfortunately for others competing for that top spot, the best to ever do it shows no sign of slowing down.

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