There are many players that think a lot about Nick Saban and his inspiration and leadership for the team. Based on how he acts in front of the players he cares about them so much there are not enough words to say it. There are some that value what he does that some of them impersonate him in a way. 

Rob Ezell, who is a coach at South Alabama, can do a good impersonation of Nick Saban and how he coaches the team. He was also a wide receiver for the Alabama Crimson Tide and now that he is a coach it is like Nick Saban rubbed off some of his mojo on him and made a clone. I am telling you when he does his impersonation on Nick Saban it is dead on, it is so funny.  


In this video it shows a list of players who also do impersonations on their coach. Players like O.J Howard, Cam Robinson, and a whole lot of others going on about their impressions of the Coach and how he motivates them.  

When you see players, these players make impersonations of Nick Saban you can tell they really admire and look up to him. He is the kind of coach like any other who just wants the best for his players and wants them to be champions. It can be inspiring in a way to be like your coach because when you see the kind of energy and passion, he puts in for his players you see that he cares so much about his team. 

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