Got big plans for Fourth of July? Tide 100.9 is giving away a 20 quart, custom Crimson Tide Orca Cooler full of Pepsi products to celebrate the summer season! Show your off your Alabama pride at the tailgate, the campsite or at the beach!

The cooler is sold out on the Orca website, making it a rare item to add to your Alabama collection. The custom cooler retails for $250 and we will pack it full of Pepsi to prepare you for your tailgate! Not to mention, the cooler is decked out with a beautiful Roll Tide-red base and the Alabama Crimson Tide seal on the lid. If this isn't a fanatic's cookout dream, we don't know what is.

Enter each day's code word by downloading the free Tide 100.9 app, tapping "Cooler Codes", then entering the word you hear on the radio at the top of the 3 p.m. hour. It's that simple!

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Alabama Orca Cooler

There will be cooler codes given each weekday until June 30. We will announce the winner on July 2. The cooler will be available to pick up full of Pepsi from our station on Skyland Boulevard just in time for Fourth of July.

Don't know how to use our app? Just follow the tutorial in the video below!

To Enter!

1. Download the Free Tide 100.9 APP!

2. Listen to the App at 3:00 p.m. on weekdays to hear the code!

3. Follow the instructions in the video above to enter the code word!

4. Do it again the next day!

5. Listen on July 2nd to hear the winner!

6. Roll Tide!


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