University of Alabama President, Dr. Stuart Bell, recently met with CBS 42's Tim Reid to discuss the plans to resume school and athletics in the fall. Bell told Reid that it is his plan that Alabama will have a football season that includes spectators at the games. Bell pointed out that we are at the end of April and football season begins in September.

Dr. Bell also pointed out that each football weekend is worth around $18 million to the university. While no competitions are being held nation wide at the moment, the leaders are certainly making plans to get back to action.

Dr. Bell is not solely responsible for the decision to return to athletic competition in the fall but it is encouraging that the leader of the university is planning and expecting events to take place as scheduled.

Bell also talked about making arraignments for classes and for campus should social distancing guidelines extend into the school year. Students may see smaller class sizes next semester, will fewer fans be allowed to go to Bryant-Denny?

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