Mr. Tider Insider, Rodney Orr, joined Host Gary Harris Monday morning to preview Alabama's upcoming match-up against Michigan in the Citrus Bowl, and discuss the impact this game has on next season.

"I think they have done a great job," Rodney Orr told Harris about Alabama's coaching staff getting the players prepared for the Citrus Bowl on Wednesday. "Really done a great job of stressing the importance of these guys finishing out this season strong."

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"Well I think it's certainly an opportunity," Orr told Harris about Alabama's defense getting an to play another quality opponent heading into the next season. "Played a lot of young players, now they have played a full season. I think it's a great opportunity for a lot of these young guys."

You can listen to Gary's full conversation with Rodney Orr as they preview the Citrus Bowl, discuss the impact of starting the decade off right, and if there may be multiple juniors returning next season.

"If he does and the other guys follow," Orr told Harris about the impact of Tua Tagovailoa potentially being among the multiple juniors possibly not entering the draft early. "Then I think Alabama next year would be right back at the top of the list, when you are talking about that first poll comes out."

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