After an active month of June in recruiting, the attention for Alabama football shifts toward SEC Media Days, fall practice and the upcoming start to the season.

However, a piece from Josh Bean of gained attention concerning how much the revolving door of assistant coaches has affected Alabama's recruiting. In the article, one of America's top receiving prospects in Julian Fleming mentions how the constant change in assistant coaches influenced his decision to stay away from Alabama.

During his visit on The Gary Harris Show,'s Rodney Orr chimed in on Josh Bean's article including how less than impressed he is with the article and Bean's writing on the Crimson Tide in general..

"Nothing personal, but I'm still waiting for Josh (Bean) to write something positive about Alabama to be honest with you. I just really haven't seen him put out anything positive." Orr said. "I think he did an article about Clemson dominating Alabama in recruiting this year and the impact of the championship game."

The founder of went on to summarize his big picture thinking of how Alabama is faring in recruiting.

"Look, Alabama right now is recruiting extremely well. You're not going to get all these guys." Orr said.

In Orr's mind, some factors outside the assistant coaching changes could be playing a role in Fleming's decision making.

"If you dig a little bit deeper, you'd find out that number one, Ohio State did a really good job with Fleming and he probably wanted to stay a little bit closer to home." Orr said.

In the video linked at the top of the article, find out what Rodney Orr had to say on how the changes in receivers coaches has had little effect on the production of the Crimson Tide's receiving corps.

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