This morning the Washington Post published an article detailing the correspondence between SEC football players, conference leaders and medical advisors. It was clear in the audio and the quotes used in the article that there is a certain level of distrust between the players and the conference leaders.

The Washington Post highlighted concerns the players had for the upcoming football season and the answers that were provided in response to those concerns.

Some of the players were identified, others were not. One who was identified was Ole Miss linebacker, MoMo Sanogo.

Sanogo expressed concerns about his non-athlete classmates following guidelines and doing what was best for the community, he asked why the conference was allowing students back onto campus if the conference was serious about having a football season.

The official who responded to him told Sanogo, “It’s one of those things where if students don’t come back to campus, then the chances of having a football season are almost zero."

He further encouraged Sanogo and the other athletes to lead by example with their classmates in wearing masks, socially distancing and using their voice to encourage students to make smart decisions in their social lives.

Texas A&M linebacker Keeath Magee II verbally expressed his skepticism in the ability to control the environment on a college campus and keep the players protected.

The Southeastern Conference issued a statement in response to the Washington Post story today on Twitter.

The SEC stated that the call was intended to be confidential in order to encourage honest conversation. The conference concluded it's statement by saying it will continue to support the health of the SEC student-athlete.

The SEC is slated to start its football season on September 26, giving more time to ensure protocols are in place with the latest information available to the conference.

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