You can't talk about Alabama's best running backs without mentioning Shaun Alexander. This past week, Alexander joined Ryan Fowler on The Game to talk about the NFL Draft and everything he's been up to lately. You can hear the entire interview on the Tide 100.9 Youtube page.

Alexander revealed that his home schooling specialty is match, he told a story about asking for more math classes in his major and his Crimson Tide teammates giving him a hard time over it. Alexander said he enjoys how numbers and statistics work hand in hand. Alexander went into details about taking a golf class in his final year at Alabama as an elective, he revealed it was one of the most difficult classes he took.

The former NFL MVP offered spiritual encouragement to the listeners. He spoke about being a deep thinker but also finding comfort in knowing he doesn't need to figure things out because God has the whole world in his hands. He spoke about COVID-19 and how even in these troubling times, God is in control.

Alexander encouraged our listeners to be assured and put their minds on the assignment that God has called each of us to. He claimed that allowed him to find more comfort in his life. He said that the assignment is to point people to Jesus, the gifts that God gives us are assets to help us complete the assignment.

The great running back connected his time at Alabama with his faith saying he loves being a part of something bigger than himself. He said at Alabama he was a small part of a great program and in the body of Christ he is a member of a much larger picture and plan.

Alexander said when he was 10-years old at an Easter service, he really met Jesus for the first time. He prayed for the Lord to speak to him and he experienced a real relationship with Christ. He said his time in Tuscaloosa helped him to grow in Christ, because he was surrounded by like-minded believers.

Enjoy the interview with Ryan Fowler as Alexander talks faith, football and the NFL Draft. You can listen to The Game each weekday 2-6 p.m. on Tide 100.9 FM or stream it on the free TIDE1009APP.

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