The Alabama Crimson Tide season has been nothing but interesting and nerve racking. Even though we are undefeated in our season, should there still be the need to stress? Our stats and record say one thing, but the performance of our team says another.

After the Florida game, the Crimson Tide fan base has been on their toes watching the team continue through their schedule. The next big game that was a need to worry was Ole Miss, yet after this past weekend, we noticed that was not the case. Winning with a score of 42-21, the fact is Ole Miss was in fact not a threat at all.

Ole Miss v Alabama
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The big question is, are Arkansas and Georgia going to be the games we need to look out for. Arkansas, being ranked No. 13 in the nation, has been working their way up that ranking board. But after their loss against Georgia, they dropped from their original spot at eighth. Which puts the money back on Georgia.

Georgia, along with Alabama, is undefeated in their season. Though their season is at an equal level of play, the margin that Georgia is defeating these teams, is cause for concern. The win against Arkansas being 37-0, is the point that should cause all Alabama fans to have concern.

Though we don’t know what the rest of our season holds for us, the Crimson Tide crowd should not get comfortable. The Tide has a lot of work to do before heading to the SEC Championship.

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