All you fellow Alabama fans making the trek might have started worrying when you saw the estimated travel time to Gainesville for this weekend. Nearly 8 hours is no quick trip like Atlanta, but fear not! There is plenty to eat, see and do on the road to Gator country.

Sure, plenty of wilderness will be covered, but your route will probably pass through some pretty major cities: Montgomery, Dothan, and Tallahassee are all on the Google Maps recommended route to Gainesville, which is better than most road trips. That's two state capitals! Sightseeing might not be on your agenda, but have no fear, as a fellow traveler this weekend, I will be very keen to find the best food.

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First up, Montgomery. Alabama's state capital has plenty to offer and certainly many worthy sights. From some of the best civil rights monuments and museums in the country, to a fine arts museum, a zoo; if you were going to stop anywhere, it might have the most to see. As for food, there are plenty of options. For finer dining, Central seems to be a consensus home run. For those looking for quicker and less formal meals, Southern Comfort Restaurant and Martin's Restaurant have solid reviews. There's even a Dreamland!

Dothan isn't too far down the road, but there are good things to stop for here too. Folklore Brewery and Meadery looks like an awesome spot, while Adventureland has fun for the whole family. If you're driving around town, look out for the big golden peanut statues that dot the city! Some of the best places to eat seem to be Hunt's Seafood Restaurant and Oyster Bar, as well as La Parrilla Mexican Restaurant.

Florida's state capital of Tallahassee may be home to some foe Seminoles, but there is plenty to see and do other than being stuck in the eyesore that is Doak Campbell Stadium. A plethora of state parks and wildlife refuges surround the area, home to many of the unique animals that call Florida home. The Tallahassee Antique Car Museum certainly seems like an interesting spot as well. The Bama Bean, Backwoods Crossing, and Kool Beanz Cafe look like some of the best grub in town.

Hopefully your travels to Gainesville go smoothly, and make sure to support the Tide extra loud in The Swamp!

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